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It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I wanted to celebrate by giving you guys a present. My friend Jaimee is a mother of three who makes these awesome scribble wallets and sells them on Etsy. But that’s not all! She’s also the founder and one half of the creative duo behind Craft, Interrupted. Her blog is a portal to crafts, DIY projects and fun activities for the family. It’s also a great way to spend half the day in book mark and pinning heaven. Craft, Interrupted is a creative bonanza and right now their Halloween section is on fire.

In honor of a new partner, a new design, and a two year anniversary Jaimee is offering one Little Big reader an adorable scribble wallet of their very own! The winner will get to choose their own scribble wallet from any of the designs in her shop. Check them all out because they are all adorable. How perfect would these be for pulling out while on a plane or during a long car ride? Or waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office? Maybe you don’t have kids you would be the coolest aunt or uncle ever if you gave this wallet to a kid for Christmas.

We sometimes spend Saturday mornings at a cafe and it’s such a pain to track down Isobel’s crayons and shove them in a plastic bag and to round up the rest of the supplies. A wallet like this would be perfect.


So what do you need to do to get one of these sweet wallets in your hot little hands? It’s easy!

  • Visit a Little Big sponsor (easy!).
  • Find something you like (really easy!).
  • Link to it in the comments (super easy!).



For an extra entry, you may tweet this message below verbatim. Be sure you come back to the blog and leave a separate comment saying you did so!

“Visit @exlibris’ blog, for awesomeness and a scribble wallet giveaway.”

Contest is open until Thursday at 6:00 pm Pacific time and winners will be announced in the Follow Friday post. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. Shari Johnson says

    Hi Carrie Anne,
    I’m excited to see your blog. It looks like I’ll really enjoy reading it. For now… I am responding to your Birthday request. I looked at all the sites and this is the one that fits me best and the thing that interested me the most was the buttons. I love buttons!

    I hope posting that here is what I am supposed to do.

    Most importantly, I hope you have a delightful Birthday on Thursday!!

    Love and Hugs, Shari

    ps, any chance you could get your parents to share the photos they took with me and Isobel when I went to visit in Aug? I’d love to see them and share them with Kalani.

    • Carrie Anne says

      Hi Shari! Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely let my parents know you are eager to see those photos. I have to warn you, though–they take forever to share photos! They move with all the speed of molasses. :)

      • Shari Johnson says

        Thanks for the warning! lol If my finances work out I’ll be up there around the middle to the end of next week. Maybe we could get some actual face to face time on this visit. It seems like forever!! Isobel is so precious. I don’t know if she calls everyone “Aunt” but I felt so honored when she took my hand and said, “Come on Aunt Shari, let’s go outside.” Serious heart melt!!

        • Carrie Anne says

          She’s doesn’t call everyone “Aunt!” She must have assumed you were family because you were with my parents. She calls Theresa and Alana “Aunt” of course, but she also calls my aunts that because she hears me say it. I can only assume she thought you were visiting family!

          • Shari Johnson says

            That makes sense. She is delightfully alert to what is going on around her. Even though I was introduced as a friend, you’re parents and I interact like family so to her young mind my being an aunt would be logical to her. :)

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