Scrapbook: Visiting Jake & Ben

A couple weeks ago we visited our friends Jake and Ben who recently rented a gorgeous recently renovated and fully updated ranch house from the early 1950s in Sacramento. In addition to celebrating their housewarming we also celebrated Jake’s birthday. Isobel decided that this adventure required a special outfit and so you’ll notice in the photos she’s wearing a dress with an additional skirt underneath, a pink seashell necklace that we found while thrifting with the price tag still attached, a winter hat, her pink purse (natch) and her bee backpack. We had tons of fun going to a Japanese festival in the parking lot of a gargantuan Japanese grocery store and just generally hanging out and bullshitting over food. What surprised me about the whole trip, besides how amazingly well behaved and entertained Isobel was, turned out to be my genuine affection for Sacramento. Anthony and I tried not to go crazy at the Japanese market, but we may have bought a few things for Isobel as long as another set of adorable bento goodies for a giveaway on the blog next month.

More photos here.

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