Follow Friday – Thrifting Buddy

Today’s Follow Friday post features my favorite thrifting buddy.

Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

michaeljnelson I have a bad tendency to treat inanimate objects as human and compete with them: traffic lights, a jammed stapler, the clerk at Radio Shack.

badbanana Anyone know of a good iPad app for organizing fears and insecurities?

matthewbaldwin @badbanana: Any Twitter client should work.

quantumpotpie “That guy over there knows what I’m talking about!” – Unfunny Psychic Comedian

That_Biz I now dub thee Toolio. Like Coolio but with more douche.

mrlasertron it’s cool how people who check facts are now considered a wing of the leftist party.

meanniegirard I like to sneeze like I’m doing karate.

introvertedwife I asked the dinosaur what he was doing on the roof but he refused to talk to me. #BenadrylHigh

vladchoc I identify with Twitter because sometimes I get really tired and replace myself with a picture of a whale.

AdmiralAkbrown Why do the Police keep sending messages in bottles THEY’RE THE POLICE DON’T THEY KNOW ABOUT 911

shariv67 Most women desire someone who makes them laugh and also feel safe, so basically a clown ninja.

donni We found Doug in a Douglas place.

wawoodworth “Where’s Waldo?” started out as a cautionary tale of the dangers of misshelving. #fakelibrarianfacts

wawoodworth Cloud computing is actually tiny librarians with jetpacks. #fakelibrarianfacts

wawoodworth The Hatfield-McCoy feud was the most violent conflict between Dewey and Library of Congress classification advocates. #fakelibrarianfacts

profkjm No one talks about librarian fight club. #fakelibrarianfacts

wawoodworth Since 1928, all ALA Presidents have sworn allegiance to Cthulhu on the glowing skull of Johannes Gutenberg. #fakelibrarianfacts

raamatuid There’s a sub-basement in every library that patrons don’t know about full of rare books & unattended children. #fakelibrarianfacts

wawoodworth July 6, 2006: Justin Timberlake brings sexy back. He paid the $1.65 overdue fine & then asked where the bathrooms were. #fakelibrarianfacts


mitdasein Obama Said Knock You Out #campaignsongs

heardhimsay “Hurricane Leslie” sounds like an amazing pole dancer.

Katieannab New rule in our house: instead of screaming when you’re mad you have to sing. Is entertaining.

MassageByTed New plan: just wear the same pair of pants every day, who gives a shit

MmeSurly The cure for everything is my 3yo murmuring the words “feetie pajammies” in his sleepy voice.

GodlessAtheist If I were American I would definitely vote for the guy who scares Chuck Norris

QuinnK If someone made a movie about my life, half of it would just be footage of me trying to blow on hot food that I’ve already put in my mouth.

iamfoxyroxie Drinking coffee in the nude, not my brightest idea.

JRehling #BlackPeopleMeetAt The Oval Office of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.5444444

BabyCisco2  Disco pirates #twowordmoviepitches

SinisterPurpose  Accidental Vegan #twowordmoviepitches

ryantologist Inspector Chimp #twowordmoviepitches

jenfoolery Vampire Ponies #twowordmoviepitches

therealarosen Planking documentary #twowordmoviepitches

ryantologist Ghost Proctologist #twowordmoviepitches

sizemore Stab Truck #twowordmoviepitches

notjessewalker President Shark #twowordmoviepitches

Ibex67 Haunted Toilet #twowordmoviepitches

joshgreenman Psychic Hamster #twowordmoviepitches

trentonsperry Crime Fruit #twowordmoviepitches

jillsmo Quick somebody give me a reason not to fucking hate every person on the planet!

pontiuslabar “Your action, Jesus.” He shuffled His chips. “Hm, What Would I Do? Huh guys? How about it? What Would I Do?”

pontiuslabar “Don’t make me raise you again, Lazarus! Ha, ha, ha!” Jesus was the biggest dick on poker nights.

ApocalypseHow I eat my bananas sidewise cuz I’m GANGSTA.

BridgetCallahan There is no burrito cupcake store, but there is an entire store that sells nothing but batteries. I really don’t understand capitalism.

TheBlackStar Kingston moooooooooo’s when he pretends to be a ghost.

HonestToddler Saw a 3 year-old prevent stroller lockdown with a stiff back followed by a forward slide. Mad respect.

asterios “Who Took Worf’s Hot Pockets?” #RealStarTrekNovelOrFakeStarTrekNovel

shariv67 For a fun, 3-D reenactment of the David Cronenberg classic, Scanners, rename your parents’ router to “No network found.”

sgnp I’ve convinced myself that for every idiotic political Tweet I see, someone else has already duplicated my insightful takedown. #Healing

pourmecoffee Happy Labor Day, or as Mitt Romney calls it, Carbon-Based Asset Day.

LIFECOACHERS Today’s teaching from The Book of Wu: Dollar dollar bill, y’all.

yoyology Your breasts are like twin fawns. No, I’m not saying they’re hairy. No, not misshapen in any way. This isn’t working. #biblicalchatuplines

1nf1d3lC4str0 Let’s get stoned. #biblicalchatuplines

ackneylad That’s no pillar of salt baby… #biblicalchatuplines

remittancegirl  Just mount me. Skip the sermon, okay? #biblicalchatuplines

remittancegirl  Hey baby, they’re playing our Song of Songs. #biblicalchatuplines

ackneylad Fancy a burning bush? #biblicalchatuplines

Scriblit  Get thee behind me, Satan. #biblicalchatuplines

laurendykesI was reading the book of Numbers and I couldn’t help but notice that yours wasn’t in there. #biblicalchatuplines

utterben “Hey. I’ve got 12 followers.” #biblicalchatuplines

shippingorder So, are you coming back to mine or is going to be another Palm Sunday? #biblicalchatuplines

iboudreau “Breaking Amish”: A high school chemistry teacher receives a cancer diagnosis and starts making incredible rocking chairs.

TwoAdults Ezra has taken to beatboxing before bathtime. I think inspiration finds him when he is free of clothing.

nicpiper @exlibris @WindsorGrace I go by Captain Big Balls, MegaWow or Crumplefucknuts. Just so you both know.

Disalmanac Today in 1964, Keanu Reeves was born. Sadly, he was born with that disease where you can only say, “Whoa.”

theneener It puts the aloe on its skin or it gets the burn again.

KenJennings I’m 5’10” but I like to think I have the inadequacy and rage issues of a much shorter man.

sockington JUST FINISHED NEW EROTIC NOVEL forbidden story of cat and table leg SINGLE SHADE OF GREY

HonestToddler OMG we had a wonderful day out! So fun! Gonna cry for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

ihaveablueboat How many Adobe Updates would Adobe update, if Adobe could update updates?

runjuliet It’s ‘drawers’ not ‘dwarers.’ (My late-onset dyslexia seems to be coming along nicely.)

heliumcell Oh no, someone’s crying and screaming and wants to be held (I am talking about me, of course).

jennamariebee My two year old just yelled “THIS IS MAKING ME CRAP!” Not gonna lie, she probably somehow learned that from me. Whoops.

notoriousjwc Woke up to a bunch of texts from some random number I don’t know. Even my phone has more fun than I do.

sween You know you’re getting older when you’ve memorized all the shortcuts to increase the font size.

NicLewis The reservoir on this coffeemaker insultingly says “Water Only,” as though I’m going to put Scotch in it again.

theleanover A tweet is a wish your heart makes. On behalf of your genitals.

ElKnuckelhombre Somebody should tell Ryan Seacrest that he’s won Survivor. I’m proud of that little bastard.

LouisPeitzman Whenever anyone asks what you’ve been up to, say “Digging.” This is an easy way to creep people out without putting too much effort into it.

jillsmo So far tonight I have fed my children Angry Bird gummy candy. That’s dinner-ish, right? Some of them are even green! #Welp


WindsorGrace For those of you who follow me on pinterest, I’m sorry for the last three hours

SarcasticRover Based on initial findings and analysis, Mars is definitely a planet. So suck on that Pluto.

nystoopmama I pinched a nerve in my neck reading in bed the other night and it still hurts. #nerdinjury

TwoAdults Manicure person just asked when I’m due. This dress is officially going to be burned while I eat a Big Mac.

kcfennessy I had no idea Clint Eastwood was such a big Beckett fan.

shinyinfo Every time a teen looks at one of the books on my Non-Fiction display, inwardly I’m like “Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.” *sunglasses drop down*

sbellelauren i signed someone’s boobs after my show last night! (ok they were mine)

dietschweppes I am the king of turning unwanted hugs into double hand shakes.

StellaRtwot Ladies, one way you can add more volume to your hair is to tease it into a ridiculous beehive and stuff a Bose speaker in it.

donni If man is 5 and the devil is 6, math is beyond confusing.

marlespo I’m gonna block & unfollow my ovaries.

thomaslennon Decided to stop correcting autocorrect and I feel trees about it.

DamienFahey If you missed John McCain’s speech get the gist of it by listening to a dial-up modem try to connect to the Internet.

SarcasticRover @smarteasyfun what is there for kids to do on Mars?” Die horribly and go rock collecting!

donni Looks like balls = Scrotesque.

MrWordsWorth Honey Boo Boo’s baby niece has three thumbs and drinks Mountain Dew, which is not the kind of endorsement Mountain Dew needs.


theleanover Somebody That I Used To Follow

markleggett “Okay, so our country is seriously fucked up right now, I think the best solution is to USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Don’t stop! It’s working!”

mathowie The guy that invented the ChocoTaco™ should get a Nobel prize. Not right away, but maybe if there’s a slow year he could be thrown in there.

apatheticist If anyone needs me to help them write a political speech, I can fart on command

markleggett Here’s a full list of my heroes: My grandparents, my dad, my girlfriend, my son, my cat, other cats, Superman, Batman, Gary Oldman. I’m 34.

pontiuslabar Are we sure they don’t mean Job creators? As in Book of Job?

markleggett Is everything that Will I Am gets to do in life all part of some “Make-A-Wish” wish that I don’t know about?


SethMacFarlane The Clint Eastwood speech is gonna play a lot better once they finish animating Roger Rabbit into that chair.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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  1. Wendy says

    Your thrifting buddy is very cute and I love her outfit, wish I could wear boots with shorts but after 40 it’s a hard look to pull off.

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