Little Big Kitchen: Thrifty Ice Cream Treats

I live in an area of California where summer lasts about half the year and it’s so hot that cats have been known to pant in the shade of a hot afternoon. Eating ice cream through the long summer months is a given, but going out for treats, even small ones, can be expensive, and I’m not about to sacrifice the quality of my ice cream to get the cheapest possible deal. Buying ice cream by the gallon at the grocery store not only makes sense, but it becomes an indulgent treat with a few delicious add-ins. Here are my current favorite.

1. Crumbled Bacon. Poor bacon! As soon as your popularity surged and your good name became tarnished by fetishism I knew it was only a matter of time before there was a backlash. That’s the problem with becoming The Next Big Thing. After your fifteen minutes of internet meme fame are done you become and untouchable. Bacon? All of Portlandia sighs, So over. But I’ll never leave you. In addition to being the perfect yet slightly sacrilegious topping to a vegetarian melt sandwich, you reach enlightenment as a topping on certain types of ice cream.  Forget bacon cupcakes, I’m here to champion your cause of being crumbled over caramel, maple, or chocolate ice cream.

2. Pretzels. The nauseated pregnant lady and potty training toddler’s friend, pretzels are a divine hit of salt and crunch when crumbled over chocolate, caramel, or creme brulee ice cream. Yes, creme brulee ice cream. Yes, I’ve gained two pounds since I discovered this. Yes, I can live with myself. But I’m telling you, trust me. Sprinkle some pretzels over these types of ice cream. Your diabeetus with thank me.

3. Marshmallows, flaked almonds, and English tea biscuits. I can never remember if the British think that biscuits are crackers or cookies, but at least I’ve never made the mistake of asking a Brit to borrow a pair of pants like my friend Jenn did.  I found a rich, slightly sweet version of a tea biscuit in the foreign foods aisle of my grocery store and I use it to make a combination Rocky Road-slash-S’mores ice cream treat. I don’t really care for graham crackers but tea biscuits I like so I mixed the chocolate ice cream with the flaked almonds (so much better here than rough almond chunks–don’t you think?), mini marshmallows and Britain’s beloved biscuits and created an epic summer’s treat.

What do you like on your ice cream?

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  1. Fairy says

    I’m British and possibly confusingly I’d call both crackers and cookies biscuits. Generally if you just say biscuit it’s likely to be a sweet biscuit where as if it’s a savoury one I’d call it a cheese biscuit (as you have it with cheese, not because its cheese flavoured).

  2. says

    pulverized graham biscuit, almond crumbs (slivers also acceptible), and vanilla yogurt chips on any variety of chocolate fro-yo. Rob thinks it’s pretty meta that I take yogurt chips on my fro-yo; I just think it’s awesome. ps. Yum you!
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  3. m says

    A spoonful of Nutella with coffee ice cream is pretty spectacular – not to mention added to hot chocolate (but is there anything Nutella doesn’t go with?)

      • Bonnie says

        I don’t think so. At the suggestion of a friend I’ve started to add it to my spaghetti sauce which was surprisingly good. I don’t know how adding it to anything can still be surprising though

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