Thrifty Kitchen: Coffee Popsicles, Nopales & More

– Ever eager to make everything in this world pink like some foofy color dictator, Isobel has requested pink popsicles. Even though, she’ll eat popsicles of any color, you know, if she has to. After searching my grocery store’s natural foods aisle I found some pink guava juice that has satisfied Isobel’s color quest nicely. Now I want to try to make popsicles of every hue in the rainbow using those exotic juices and blends. The best part about these new popsicles, besides the fact that Isobel loves the flavor, is that she learned a new fruit name and so now she runs around the house shouting “guava! guava! guavaaa!”

– Mama thought it was high time for a grown-up popsicle so I dumped my morning coffee in a popsicle mold and made my new favorite way of mainlining caffeine and sugar into my system: the coffee popsicle. You are welcome, humanity!

– Last week we went to the flea market so Anthony could get some exercise and so I could get some super cheap produce. A lot of venders there also sell secondhand goods at prices ranging from the criminally cheap to the laughably expensive. I made Isobel walk and loaded up our stroller with produce, succulents, and thrifted treasures, but before we called it a day we stopped at a food truck offering tradition Mexican food with handmade tortillas. I have always wanted to try nopales, the tender paddles of fresh cactus, so I ordered nopales with eggs. I didn’t realize that often the cactus is pickled with jalapenos, and one small bite of fire was all I could stand. Next time we’re at the market I’ll just by the fresh cactus paddles themselves and cook them up at home. I ended up eating the chicken and cheese gorditas, with the amazing handmade tortillas, and they were melt-in-your-mouth good.

– In the summer time I make what I consider to be the perfect sun tea out of dark, black Chinese tea and lemon slices. I don’t use sugar because sweetened tea is an abomination.  You might disagree with this statement and that is your right. I started drinking tea at Chinese and Japanese restaurants and so I can’t abide sugar in my tea but if you want to sully it with the devil’s crystals, by all means, be a heathen and do so. The recipe for perfect sun tea is extra thrifty because it make it using the plastic jug our juice comes in which is the perfect size and shape for such an endeavor and, after you buy and drink the juice, free. The method is this: add 7 or 8 bags of Chinese Oolong tea to the jug, along with half a lemon sliced into 1/8th or 1/16th chunks, add water to fill and leave in the sun for 4 hours to overnight (I tend to forget it outside). Serve over lots of ice and enjoy. I get rave reviews on this tea whenever I have company.

– If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having leftover brie and no delicious slices of bread to enjoy it with, just add pretzel sticks and honey. Maybe this sounds like an odd combo at first but I can personally blame 5lbs of myself on this trick. After the brie has softened to room temperature you can dip your pretzel into the brie and then into some honey. It combines every flavor your mouth has been genetically programmed to enjoy: sweet, salty, and creamy, creamy cheese.

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  1. Dingey says

    GODDAMN YOU for that brie “recipe.” Shit. My future five pounds thanks you.

    Also–i JUST bought popsicle molds (which I automatically call paco molds because a friend’s child called popsicles “paco”s fifteen years ago and, well, you know the rest)Coffee paco = genius! I like that. I like that A LOT. I was gonna be all healthy and freeze fruit and yogurt and shit in em, but coffee and/or alcohol sounds EVEN BETTER!

    • Carrie Anne says

      Mmmm, paco molds!Coffee popsicles hit that Sbux frapacchino spot without leaving the house.

      Also, for maximum pleasure (and fatness) enjoy your brie snack at 10 pm like I do.

  2. says

    I try not to leave douchey concern trolling comments on people’s blogs, but I’m worried that maybe the plastic reuse might not be a wise choice. If it wasn’t meant to be reused and wasn’t meant to be heated (even just by the sun) I would worry that it would be leaching chemicals in to your delicious tea. Maybe use glass? Some of those fancy and exotic juices must come in glass. Also? I’m in total agreement re unsweetened tea. It’s the best!
    Amy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: In The GardenMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      Do you make anything special with them, Jose? I’m trying to work up the nerve to cook with them, but I don’t know what I’d make.

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