Thrift Store Score: Toys for Isobel

We haven’t really bought toys for Isobel since that one Christmas we went all out and spent those Toys ‘R Us giftcards. We haven’t needed to between birthdays and things I’ve brought home while thrifting. Here’s some of our favorite recent toy scores.

For those of you confused by the term “hot potato,” that is Isobel code for “playdough.” I have no idea why she started calling it this, and no matter how many times we correct her, she more emphatically corrects us. So now we all call it hot potato and get strange looks from people who can’t figure out what the hell we’re talking about. I’m always looking for strange an wonderful items in the kitchen section that would be fun to use on hot potato. I think this flower shape came from a cookie press but I’m really not sure. One side is flat and the other side has an edge, so it’s perfect for pressing into hot potato. I mean playdough. Whatever.

Isobel loves her some jewelry. The light lavender bracelet is a bakelite steal we bought for five cents.

Last time I went thrifting I bought a whole bag of silver and gold sheriff’s stars for a dollar. I thought they’d be perfect for a party or just to have in the thrifted dress up chest. Isobel immediately got to work separating them by color and sticking them on coordinating trays. She pretends they are star cookies and likes to stick them in her toy oven and offers them to our friends when they come over.

This wooden hinged box is perfect for Isobel’s (pink) treasure. The top of the box looks a bit funky because she’s been painting it with her water color set every now and then.

Have you ever seen a cuter frisbee in your life? Take that as a personal challenge. I do not think a cuter one exists.

He may be completely naked but for a smile and a crown, but that’s Babar, King of the Elephants, all right. We’ve been reading “Babar’s Little Girl” before bed, and we always pronounce his daughter’s name as “Isobel.”

These original, vintage Care Bears weren’t thrifted–they were mine! My mom found them and brought them over. For the most part I like the newer versions better, but look at old school Tender Heart’s belly–that belly badge is way better. Also, feast your eyes on those flowing 80s locks.

This teaching clock is one of the best kids’ items I’ve ever found. The minute hand has a circle to help your child zero in on the exact minute and the color-coordinated hour segments help them learn the transitions. This clock has a battery in the back so you can set it to the correct time and use it like a regular timepiece or you can manipulate the hour and minute hand for teaching purposes. Excellent.

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  1. says

    I have those Carebears still too! I’ve put them in my son’s playroom as well. I also have the baby boy & girl bears. Loved those guys!

    I haven’t found anything lately, but I love buying my son toys second hand.

  2. Marnie Byod says

    Great stuff. I have this one in the house. Even I am getting older I still kept my childhood things and keep me remembering when I was a kid and soon all the things that I had kept is all for my baby soon.
    Marnie Byod recently here for websiteMy Profile

    • Carrie Anne says

      That is the frustrating thing about thrifting! Who knows! Though you might find some good results if you google “teaching clock.” Good luck!

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