Reuse Roundup: DIY Sticker Book

Isobel loves stickers, and the great frustration of every toddler happens when trying to remove the sticker you just set down for a second in order to put it in another spot. The sticker rips or tears or curls up into one of those permanent wads and there goes the afternoon in a pool of tears and despair. Okay, maybe stickers aren’t your child’s only source of frustration, but once your kid reaches the age of being totally in love with them, the logical choice to prevent sticker time tantrums is to get them a sticker book.

I had several as a kid, and although my mom was smart and saved many wonderful things from my childhood, she had no idea how much my heart and unicorn festooned little sticker books meant to me. I had four, and I loved them to pieces. This Reuse Roundup is in their memory. (I miss you, puffy cloud sticker with googley eyes.)

Sticker books need to have plastic or laminated pages in order to be able to peel and stick over and over on the pages, so your best bet is to find an old photo album. The one I found fit 4×6 inch photographs and was the perfect size for a toddler. It had one fatal flaw, though, which I’m sure you’ll be able to guess as soon as you look at the photo below.

Yes. It wasn’t pink. I know, I know. I am a terrible mother.

You’ll notice it was twenty-nine cents, however. The price was right. After peeling off the front sticker and prying off the present ornament with a butter knife, I contemplated all the ways I my disposal for making this sticker book the appropriate color. I could cover it with fabric, decorate it with jewels, or sew a felt cover. I thought about this awhile until I went into the garage for some spider spray and remembered I had bought enough spray paint to launch a notable career as a street artist for Isobel’s kite-themed birthday.

It only took two coats to make this sticker book acceptable, and when it was all dry I decorated it with two heart stickers from Isobel’s collection. I really like that the outside is a smooth cotton-candy color but the inside remains a pastel aqua.

When I gave it to Isobel she was ecstatic, of course, because it was finally pink. It also still smelled faintly of spray paint, and when she caught a whiff of that she held it to her nose and said, “Mama! It smells! It smells… PINK!”

What is the Reuse Roundup?  I’m inviting everyone to show off their amazing vintage finds and the creative ways they are incorporated into your homes. Let’s focus on how we can find new uses for secondhand items and make the case for looking to secondhand and vintage before purchasing something new.  I’d love to see the secondhand items you are finding ways to use and gain inspiration and ideas as well as promote the secondhand way of life.

If you would like to participate in Reuse Roundup on your blog, please use this button and link back to this or any other Reuse Roundup post. I’ve posted the code to use on my blog’s sidebar if you’re into that sort of thing. You can post whenever you like, not just on the days that I do.

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  1. says

    This reminded me of something awesome. When I was in intermediate school, I had a friend from band camp who became a favorite pen pal. She and I traded the same puffy sticker of a rocket back and forth in dozens of letters. It had a little POOF of rocket steam (?) coming out of it and we thought it was hilarious that it was farting. :)
    Anne recently posted..warm frontMy Profile

  2. Dana says

    Thank you for the inspiration!!!! I have been going crazy looking for a simple blank sticker book, I guess they don’t do that anymore!! So now thanks to you my daughter will have the best sticker book ever (and even better it will have sentimental value cause mom made it for her :)

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