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What I’m up to:

– Thank you so much for the well-wishes and distractions we received on twitter yesterday. It made the waiting process much more endurable. I ended up sitting in the waiting room and staring at twitter for so long my battery died before Anthony was out of recovery.

– While Anthony was getting all checked in the nurse verified he was born in the U.S. “He was born here,” I replied. When the nurse remarked that he was born here in Modesto and I replied, “No, actually he was born here. At this hospital.” Fun fact! This is the same hospital where Isobel was born and the same hospital where I was born, too.

– I ended up sitting in the waiting room for over six hours, and while there I had ample time to notice the local TV station’s morning show featured a newscaster whose only job was to share YouTube videos he found and talking about trending topics on twitter. Which, dude, I could totally do that job, no problem.

– I, of course, cried when I was finally able to see him in the recovery room. All of the anxiety that had been building since I woke up at 4 am left my body in one great flood of relief and tears. The nurses probably thought I was crazy.

– Anthony is at home and resting as comfortably as possible. The procedure he underwent has one of the most painful recovery processes. So far he’s been surprisingly lucid and stoic. The procedure took much longer than anticipated, but I knew it would. Anthony may not have had surgery before but I’ve had six. This wasn’t my first surgical rodeo. I had enough experience to ask for anti-nausea medicine just in case (which Anthony really needed) and I feel extremely qualified to take care of him.

– The anesthesiologist administered a nerve block that cut off sensation in his arm to help with the pain. He couldn’t feel his arm at all while conscious, but it was there, along with the pain, each time he fell asleep.

– Did I mention he ran over 10 miles in a race for a local charity two days before his surgery? He’s making me look bad.

– Anthony has a giant, water-circulating ice pack that he has to wear for a few days. He has to sleep in a recliner in the living room so I’ll be sleeping on the couch so I can change his ice bucket, administer pain meds, and nurse Squirrelly throughout the night. Yaaaaay, sleep deprivation!

– My parents and Anthony’s parents are helping with Isobel as much as they can. They’ve also brought us food for dinner. Because they are awesome.

Little Big Links:

Sparkling summer lemonade. I’ve been making some flavored waters to encourage me to drink more. I want to try this. Via Veronica.

Kitten & Manatee. Two photos that cheered me greatly while Anthony was in surgery. Sent to me by Jessica. (Thank you!)

SpaceX Takes Flight. An article with a breathtaking photo of the first private company to travel to the International Space Station. Via Mollie Katie.

If Shakespeare wrote Battleship. “Thou rememberest correctly O Captain/But the gods at Hasbro hath recognized/Long ago that the Battleship brand/Couldst not survive on grids and pegs alone./Hence the space robots.” Via mightyredpen.

Weekly Photos:

Reader Question:

What was Anthony’s surgery for?

Anthony’s shoulder cartilage had been destroyed due to a small structural defect exacerbated by years of use and improperly healed dislocations. He’s dislocated it so many times I think we lost count around thirty. I’ve even had to pop it back into place for him, which is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done. Needless to say, this surgery is a long time in the making. Anthony loves martial arts, sword fighting, and being able to grab things normally, all of which he couldn’t do without the risk of dislocation. The labrum, the cartilage that helps cradle the bones in the shoulder joint, was completely gone on one side. The surgery restructured the shoulder joint to stabilize his mobility. Recovery is going to be very slow as the tissues that were repaired are very thin and delicate.


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  1. says

    Oh so much love and support to you and Anthony. I’m so happy he’s finally got this fixed and is on the road to recovery. And he couldn’t ask for a better nurse!
    Tristina Wright recently posted..Be KissedMy Profile

  2. Stefani says

    We’re so glad you both made it through. We would love to come by to say hi and play some games with a medicated Anthony sometime :)

    • Carrie Anne says

      Yeah! I’m hoping that next week he’ll be up for it. He’s in quite a lot of pain right now.

  3. Gigi says

    Yay! I’m glad it went well. I wish him a swift recovery!!
    Also, I love it how he is clearly being coerce by you to smile in the thumbs up picture. ;)

    • Carrie Anne says

      Thanks so much! And I know no one will believe me, but he actually asked me to take this photo and posed this way on his own. :P

  4. says

    Such a cool little story about everyone in your family being born in the same place. Meant. To. Be!

    My thoughts are with Anthony. My father had some similar surgeries. He’s basically worn out his joints and tendons in various parts of his body from over usage. Very physical jobs will do that :-/ You’re such a sweety though, sleeping so close to take care of all your loves <3
    Amber @ Backwards Life recently posted..Six Word StoryMy Profile

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