Recipe: Orange-Almond Creamsicle

Every Monday I clean out my fridge and cupboards and do my best to make a meal out of the remnants out of whatever’s left. Partly it’s my desire to be thrifty and partly it’s my abhorrence of waste, but I always feel the need to zero out any remainders and balance out the ledger that is my pantry. Like a sad version of Chopped, I’m left trying to pull a meal or some snacks together out of the week’s detritus. Sometimes, though, I wind up making something that’s not only good, but that’s something I’d want to make again. On purpose, this time.

Orange-almond creamsicles are what happens when you only have a couple tablespoons of Greek yogurt that you can’t bring yourself to throw out. I had left the juice out on the counter while making Isobel a snack, and when I set the yogurt down next to it I realized it was the beginning of a beautiful combination that Isobel just adores. She was deeply skeptical at first–because they weren’t pink, you know–but as soon as she tasted them she quickly devoured hers and then begged for more.

This recipe only yields four popsicles because I only have two of the containers you see above. I bought them from Micheal’s dollar bin and so far they have been such a sound investment I need to go back and look for more. If you want to make a larger batch, feel free to scale up. This recipe is very flexible.


  • Greek yogurt, 2-4 tablespoons
  • Orange juice, I used an orange-peach-mango blend
  • Honey, sugar, or agave syrup to taste
  • Almond extract, a few scant drops


If you are making this with an almost empty tub of yogurt, do what I did and pour the juice directly into the tub. That way you can scrape off all the bits of yogurt that are clinging to the sides and bottom of the tub. There must be no yogurt wasted! Yes, I am totally sane! Why do you ask!

If not, pour your juice into a bowl and add your yogurt a tablespoon at a time until the juice turns a luscious pale peach.

Add your sweetener, a bit at a time and tasting all the way. Remember, cold dulls the taste of foods so you’ll want to add a bit more sweetener than you would normally use.

Finally, add a drop or two of the almond extract. You can find this in the baking aisle and it adds a depth and complexity that doesn’t obviously scream ALMOND! right away. It’s incredibly good in baked goods, but I’m not sure how it would affect young babies or people sensitive to nut allergies, so in their case, leave it out or substitute vanilla extract or maybe some lime juice.

Pour the mixture into the popsicle molds and freeze. This part made Isobel very sad, of course. Toddlers aren’t known for their vast quantities of patience.

The best thing about these popsicles, aside from the taste and the way they help you use up pantry leftovers, is that Isobel makes what I call “popsicle face” every time she eats them. Classic!


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  1. CMarie says

    Sounds delish!
    I’m the same way about trying to use up everything. My husband tried to throw away broccoli “trunks” when we were making stir fry last night, and I was all “noooooo!” and showed him how to slice them up thin and throw them in the pan! He then called me a food hoarder, I think in a loving, appreciative way though…?

    • Carrie Anne says

      Well, if he doesn’t appreciate your thrifty ways, he should! Broccoli stalks are even better than the tops, mmmm mmm.

  2. Jenna says

    I finally got around to doing this today! And it’s a perfect day to have done it, as it’s 101 here and these will be a much-needed treat when I get home from work tonight.

    I don’t know how this is going to taste, but I froze some sliced strawberries in some of the molds first before adding yummy Creamsicle goodness. It helped to pinken it up, at least!

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