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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you are one of the lucky ones who endured labor, then I hope your day was filled with milk and honey and massages and ice cream. If you didn’t endure labor, then I hope your arms aren’t too sore from all the back rubs. Squirrelly didn’t get me a card this year, but he didn’t pee all over me either and besides, he’s not even three weeks old so he gets a pass.

Today’s Reuse Roundup is all about the storage I’m using for Isobel’s art supplies. I have been dreaming of the day when I could paint and do crafts with my kid even since before she was born, and now I’m blessed with the problem of figuring out how to store all of her paints, crayons, stickers, coloring books and other supplies in a way that keeps them organized, is inexpensive, looks good, and is completely child-friendly. A lot to ask? Yes. But if you keep your eyes open while thrifting, you can find the perfect thing.

Since we do some kind of art project every day, I keep Isobel’s supplies within easy reach of our dining room table. It’s nice that she can grab her materials herself while I cover the table with one of my thrifted plastic table cloths to protect our furniture from the inevitable mess that follows.

Of all of these thrifted storage solutions, I think I’m most proud of this wooden serving dish from the nineteen sixties. Monkeypod and other tropical woods are so pretty, and this snack tray gets new life storing Isobel’s markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

She has quite a watercolor collection going on, and all of them are stored in this green California pottery bulb planter.

I chose a glass that was thick and heavy enough to withstand the careless treatment of a toddler to store her brushes, and it has never once tipped over. Equally important, the green mug I use for her water has only been tipped over once, and that was after considerable effort. On average I’m cleaning up two glasses of split water a day, so that’s pretty good for a mug filled with paint water.

I keep all of her stickers tucked away in this miniature suitcase.

The suitcase, her papers and coloring books, along with a tin full of extra crayons, are all stacked inside this eggshell blue thrifted picnic basket.

Isobel is a very prolific artist, and when she’s not covering her papers with a slimy layer of blue paint she’s hanging them on the fridge with pride with as many sheets to one magnet as possible.

What is the Reuse Roundup?  I’m inviting everyone to show off their amazing vintage finds and the creative ways they are incorporated into your homes. Let’s focus on how we can find new uses for secondhand items and make the case for looking to secondhand and vintage before purchasing something new.  I’d love to see the secondhand items you are finding ways to use and gain inspiration and ideas as well as promote the secondhand way of life.

If you would like to participate in Reuse Roundup on your blog, please use this button and link back to this or any other Reuse Roundup post. I’ve posted the code to use on my blog’s sidebar if you’re into that sort of thing. You can post whenever you like, not just on the days that I do.

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    i love this post. i can’t wait to begin real art projects with Sonora and have all kinds of art supplies to store away. i’m not much of a thrift junkie but i will think twice about donating something i’m sick of storing in the basement to reuse for something like this. thanks for the ideas, lady!
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