Thrifty Giving: Giveaway! My Beat Is Correct Mix CD

After receiving a reader question about what kinds of music I like I realized that the best way to answer this question was to make the internet a mix CD. I will be giving away five copies of this CD to LB readers, which means your chances of winning are excellent! Scroll down to the end to read up on how to enter.

It’s a personal belief of mine that many of humanity’s greatest problems could be solved by coming together, sharing our favorite music. I know it won’t solve everything but I do think it could contribute to world peace. This is coming from a girl whose political platform if she ever ran for office would be SHUT THE FUCK UP WE ARE GOING TO SPACE, so I’m not an expert on politics or foreign policy or anything. This is just what I’ve experienced from sharing music with my friends and the deep bonds that has created.

My friend Zack is infamous for making the best mix CDs. Not only were the songs he found inspiring and original, but he had the knack for creating the perfect track lists, so that the songs seamlessly transitioned in a way that made you feel they were pieces of a puzzle that Zack was able to fit into a cohesive whole. Sometimes he named his CDs, sometimes he marked them with a symbol or a drawing, and sometime he wrote a personal note on them. Receiving a CD from Zack was like receiving a piece of treasure. I worked hard with this playlist to fit these songs together equally well, and I hope I’ve made Zack proud.

It takes awhile for me to move a song from the “loved” to the “beloved” category. Even if I’m infatuated with a song I really have to give it time to feel comfortable with the song or the artist. For these reasons, and for the fact that I am a crazy old lady who loves her old people music, most of these songs aren’t new. In fact, most of them weren’t new when I fell in love with them in the first place, back in high school.

Since not everyone will be able to win their own copy of this CD, I’ve provided links to the songs on youtube so you can at least hear what I’m talking about. It’s my hope that everyone who listens will find at least one new favorite song or artist to follow.

1. Destroy Everything You Touch – Probably my favorite Ladytron song, which is saying a lot because I love Ladytron. Courtesy of Zack, natch. I like to listen to this song on repeat, especially when I’m working out.

2. Anna Maria– This song comes to you via a group called Boa that my friends and I discovered through watching Serial Experiments Lain. Their single, Duvet, was attached to the anime series, but they are a strong enough band to love in their own right. This song is my current favorite, and Isobel and I like to hit each other with foam swords and dance to this in the morning.

3. Satin in a Coffin – Modest Mouse is one of my musical obsessions. I had been given a mix tape of Modest Mouse songs back in high school by a boy I was dating. The boy didn’t last, but the music did. I often get obsessed with their songs and can do days listening to just their music. This is one of my favorites.

4. & 5. New Partner & Cat’s Blues – These are two separate songs but they are forever connected in my mind and it would feel as natural as breathing for me to hear them on an infinite loop. It bothers me, physically, to hear New Partner and for it not to be followed up with Cat’s Blues. This album, Viva Last Blues, is one of the best albums ever recorded, ever.

6. Creep –This song is a cover by the Afghan Whigs, and you are probably thinking it’s a cover of Radiohead’s awesome song, but it is not. It’s a cover of TLC’s Creep, and it is amazing. You might not think that a band like the Afghan Whigs could cover a song from such a different genre, but there you’d be pleasantly, gleefully wrong. Greg Dulli has a knack for recording amazing covers.

7. Bad Cartridge / E-Pro Remix – Here’s where I come clean and tell you about my deep, abiding, infatuous love of Beck Hansen. I love him with the deepest crush imaginable and have since the seventh grade. I could have made this CD all Beck songs but I held myself back. My first musical loves were Beck, Tori Amos, Modest Mouse, and Bjork, but the greatest of all these is Beck. I could go on, but I’ll just embarrass myself further. I downloaded the Time Fades EP before Guero came out and loved each of these versions of the songs even better than the album cuts. The whole EP is mind-blowingly awesome.

8. 21st Century Digital Boy – Classic.

9. Newark Wilder – Pavement is an amazing band with an amazing discography. They are also a local band, so I get to be extra proud of them.

10. Twin Falls – One of the single best songs ever recorded.

11. Frog On My Toe – My relationship with Tori Amos is now a complicated one. I was a rabid, devoted, adoring fan of hers for years, and I mean years–well over a decade. Then her albums got more… gimmicky. More concept-y and less music-y. We were hot and heavy for so long I let her get away with things I’d never take from any other artist. But then Abnormally Attracted to Sin came out and it was the last straw. We broke up, Tori and I. When Midwinter Graces came out we became Fuck Buddies because damn I love that album. As it is I’m pretty skeptical of all her new releases while still maintaining my pure love for her old stuff. This song came off her Talula single from her Boys for Pele album. It’s not grand or showy or passionate. I’m sure there’s no buzz around it anywhere, but I love it tenderly. This song is almost guaranteed to make me weep.

12. Pursuit of Happiness – This song also has the power to make me cry, but not without rocking my socks off first. Ratatat just makes this song amazing.

13. It Ain’t The Money – I really have no feeling one way or the other about Macy Gray, but she got Beck involved and the whole thing just turned awesome. Also I want to make out with Beck. Warning: a few naughty words in this one I think, courtesy of Pharoahe.

14. Nosering Girl – I used this song for the musical accompaniment of my Legitimate Business slideshow when I first launched my blog with self-hosting. As a girl who’s had a nosering since 1998, and as someone who’s been listening to this song just as long, I always felt like he was singing (at least partially) about me.

15. Gigantic – As someone on twitter recently said, “I’m kind of a Kim Deal around here.” We listened to the Pixies constantly when Anthony, Justy and I spent every waking moment either at or driving to MJC.

16. Whistle Song – Anthony and I call this “the wedding song” because this is the track that we and our wedding party exited the sanctuary to immediately after we were married. Fantastic Plastic Machine’s Tomoyuki Tanaka is someone you should acquaint yourself with.

This giveaway starts from now until Monday, April 30th at 3:00 pm PDST.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Please visit one of my sponsors and leave a comment below telling us about an item you like in their shop. If you visit Amber at Backwards Life, please share something positive about a post or the blog overall. You may choose from:

EXTRA ENTRY: Please tweet the following, verbatim:

“I’m entering @exlibris’ mix CD giveaway at because my beat is correct.”

Please leave an extra comment telling us about your tweet.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, May 1st. Good luck and happy listening!

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      Tweeted. I also added in http:// because that sort of thing is important and the link might not work otherwise.

  1. says

    I like pretty much all the cards at Red Star Designs. I’m not a huge Alice fan, but the Alice illustrations are divine – how they’re kind of dark. I tweeted, too!
    Amanda recently posted..Hell, yes.My Profile

  2. says

    So, I had a long list of things I wanted to comment about but then I saw the knitted garden gnomes at AnneArchy and died of awesomeness overload. I totally have to get one now.

  3. says

    I love Red Star Designs’ cards. Classy and vintage. I think I need to host a garden party.

    Also, the photos of Isobel with the drumset kick ass. Ollie would be jealous!

  4. says

    Something about this card from TheRedStarDesigns makes me stare at it. I think a little Pripyat, plus the Dorney(?) that is in ruins is New Orleans. Something about abandoned amusement parks that I will stare at photos of and click-through entire Flickr sets.

    That sounded all negative, but it wasn’t! I’m one of those HDR-decay-series fans. Enjoying the YouTube right now! I may have to try creating a Modest Mouse Pandora station.
    Kristi recently posted..Have you ever tried tadpoles?My Profile

  5. says

    Little Miss Zofia has developed a raging bumblebee phobia, which is confusing to Athena and me as we love him and she is, after all, Athena Bee. Therefore I need the bee finger puppet from Annearchy to teach Zofia all about the cuteness of bees.

    The End.
    Nadja (Athenabee) recently posted..TattletaleMy Profile

  6. Lauren says

    I *really* love the metallic dragon wings on AnneArchy’s Etsy site. Actually, everything on that site makes me wish I was a Blythe doll…

  7. says

    I love the octopus cards at Red Star Designs. I loved them from your photos at the craft fair, and I was so excited to see that I could actually buy them! So I did!! I also bought the ferris wheel notecards, to get the awesome discount. Eeeeeeeee.


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