Thrifty Giving: I’m also an Easter Asshole

We’ve already established that for the purposes of this blog I am a Christmas asshole, so now I’m going to go ahead and cement my reputation for being an Easter asshole, too. Everything in Isobel’s basket this year was thrifted with the exception of the heart hair clips, which I found at the dollar store. I’m not giving her any candy because she’s going to get enough of it from relatives and her birthday party. Also, because I’m an asshole.

Let’s start with the pièce de résistance: the Care Bear. I am breaking my own rule with this because I’ve been telling everyone for god’s sake don’t give Isobel any more stuffed toys. We are limited on space as it is and my kid is just as happy to play with a jar of bobby pins for an hour, and, with the exception of a few loyal favorites, stuffed toys really aren’t played with all that much. They are bulky and they take up space: a personal pet peeve.

However. I saw Cheer Bear staring at me from the bottom of pile of stuffed rejects at the thrift store and I couldn’t say no. She’s obviously of the new generation of Care Bears so she doesn’t even have vintage cache going for her. But she’s pink, and she’s a character my daughter loves, so I sucked in my pride and I tucked in my lady balls and I put it in my cart.

Those little heart-shaped tins are actually vintage Jello molds. I have a ton saved up, including a heart-shaped one just like these, that I found while thrifting and have been saving. I’m not a huge fan of Jello, but after reading Laurie Colwin’s methods I have been wanted to try her version. When my friend Angela pointed this stack of molds out to me, saying they’d be great for Isobel, I dismissed the idea. But then I thought about how perfect they’d be for her toy kitchen or for making hearty mud pies in the back yard, and I caved and went back for the whole stack. Good thinking, Ang!

I have grand plans for these cookie cutters involving both shortbread and sugar cookies, but in the meantime Isobel will love using them for hot potato.

Lastly she’s getting a small stack of vintage books. Watson, the Smartest Dog in the USA is from the early sixties, the Sesame Street book looks to be from the late seventies, and the whale book is from a small independent publisher. It looks perfect for Isobel’s age. Hot Air Henry is a rather special book for me as I remember watching it unfold in Reading Rainbow when I was a child. Plus, its protagonist is a cranky Siamese cat. What’s not to love?

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    • Carrie Anne says

      “I said no more stuffed animals because my dog won’t stop having sex with them…”


  1. Bonnie says

    We had that Sesame Street book when I was a kid. Might still be in my parent’s house somewhere. My brother was a big fan of Sesame Street when he was a kid.

    • Carrie Anne says

      All you have to do is start thrifting and you’d find amazing stuff, too, Amber! ;) Though thrifting with two young kids in tow is a challenge for sure.

    • Carrie Anne says

      Yes! And I totally forgot about it until just now. Thank you for that! I’m going to have to keep an eye out while thrifting. :)

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