Reuse Roundup: Easter Basket Makeover

Hey, remember what Isobel’s Easter basket looked like last year? What a difference a year makes! Especially when you let your kid take it out side, fill it with sand, and leave it out in the summer sun for five months. I briefly considered looking for a new basket for her while thrifting, but I love the idea of tradition, and using the same Easter basket all my life was something I really enjoyed as a kid. If I was going to let Isobel use this same basket, something had to be done. It needed a makeover.

I really should have shown you a photo of the basket before I cleaned it off, but you can still see traces of the “beach” sand she filled it with. The best way to deal with this problem (as well as many others) is spray paint.

Again, for comparison, check out last year’s Easter basket inspiration post to see what this basket looked like brand new. It was eye-assaultingly neon. What it needed was some bling. Gold bling.

While I was at it I dusted the plastic eggs from the dollar store with a few rounds of gold paint, too. I sprayed paint over them haphazardly, and I like how they came out uneven and imperfect.

I’m leaving the bottom this pink-gold umber so it still retains a touch of pink.

I’m going to give this basket a makeover each year so it will be fresh and familiar all at the same time.

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    • Carrie Anne says

      You know what? I procrastinated on this so hard because I hadn’t spray painted anything in years. I assumed it was going to be really time consuming or something. It was E-Z. I kind of want to spray paint everything now.

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