Thrifty Holidays: Thrifted Spring Decor

After Christmas the amount of time and energy I spend on seasonal decorations drops dramatically. The warmer months need less adornment and my enthusiasm for complicated seasonal displays wanes sharply. I like to fill my house with as many thrifty bouquets as possible, a few vintage (i.e. from my childhood) stuffed bunnies, and some of my favorite spring-inspired thrifty finds. I like to mix it up each year so don’t be surprised if you see these items in my shop soon.

My most favorite recent Thrift Store Score is this egg-shaped glass terrarium. It could have also held candy in its previous life, but the moment I saw it on the shelf I knew it was destined for terrarium greatness.

I nestled clover, pale pink flowers, and other spring greenery inside.

Isobel thought it was magical.

I can’t imagine thrifty spring bouquets without the ten cent army, and this vintage porcelain snail fits right in with the theme. The snail is marked from Japan and although it has a small hole at the top I can’t imagine what it was originally used for. Candle holder, maybe?

My friend Jake brought me some candies from Japan and they came in these gorgeous boxes. I use them to store my origami-paper eggs, but they are so lovely I usually keep them out on display, too. Their Engrish is impressive it isn’t even Engrish, but a perfectly translated haiku : Hopeful green buds sprout. Flowers dance in the warm rain. Spring is here again.

My artist Aunt Trisha has decorated scores of eggs in her signature painting style. I was so honored to have received one. A great thrifty tip for displaying eggs at this time of year–you don’t need a fancy egg cup or holder if you have sake cups in your cupboards.

Years ago, when I still lived in a set of apartment buildings populated entirely by my friends I hollowed out some eggs and coated them with mod podge and origami paper and created these lovely gems.

The rainbow bank was something I originally purchased for Isobel’s bedroom but I borrowed it for spring. She’s really not that attached to it anyway.

This vintage bunny would also be perfect for a nursery.

There’s nothing thriftier than snipping off some yard greenery!


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