Snapshot 3.21.12

What I’m up to:

– Tomorrow I’m going to SF with my besties to watch a preshowing of The Hunger Games with a bunch of bearded gay dudes! ASK ME HOW EXCITED I AM! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED THANK YOU FOR ASKING!

Little Big Links:

Amazng Children’s Literature Tributes In Cake Form. The Howl’s Moving Castle made me gasp.   Via @helgagrace

Pinterest You Are Drunk. I squandered my precious Free Time on this site. Their tagline is: “Y’all are going a bit overboard over there. I’m here to help. “

A Complete Scan of the 1999 Delia’s Catalog. OMG OMG OMG YOU GUYS. I think I memorized these catalogs by HEART. Stefanie, you need to see this.

Pages, the Library Cat. Via Melissa Jean Gibson.

Analysis Complete. When Angela showed me this iPhone case I got so excited I turned into a frat boy. Via @theredqueen.

Bracelet Purse Tutorial. I think I could do this! Via Rengawk

Weekly Photos:

Reader Question:

What is your biggest thrift store score?

There is no way on earth I could ever narrow this down. How about I share with you some extra special favorite scores that I use and love on a daily basis and couldn’t imagine my life without?

These Plates.

This Satellite Chair.

Egg & Mushroom Terrariums.

Isobel’s Toy Camera.

This Clock.

Monogrammed Mugs.

Isobel’s Big Girl Bed.

My Camera Bag/Purse.

Zorro (technically, we got him secondhand).

Do you have a question for me? I’d love to answer it! You can leave your question in the comments, @-reply me on twitter, email it to me at or send me a messenger pigeon. Don’t do the last one, though. My cat will eat it.

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  1. says

    Wonderful post! The photo of your daughter and the cat made me laugh so hard! I can’t wait to bring a cat into our family.

    Also, I have been on the hunt for a monogram mug just like yours! I can never find one with the letter E…
    Elisha recently posted..Bound For GloryMy Profile

  2. Dingey says

    Hey, man! Some of that “Hunger Games” thing was shot down here roundabouts where I live! yeah! I don’t know anything about these “Hunger Games,” but I will claim that any part of the movie that looks pretty was shot here. Is it like SHirley Jackson’s “THE LOTTERY” short story, or something? Or are vampires involved? I really, seriously, have no idea. Sometimes I really fucking love being upper-middle-aged. What’s that? Hunger blames? Blames it on the lack of biscuits, shit!

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