Thrifty Crafting: DIY Fascinator Tutorial

(For part 2 of this tutorial, go here.)

Today I have a quick and easy simplified DIY fascinator tutorial to share with you. As excited as I was to be invited to Angela’s Mad Hatter Tea Party birthday, I was equally excited to dress up. My friends and I love an excuse to dress up, especially if this involves looking like an escaped circus troupe at Walgreens at some point in the night. That, my friends, is an indicator of a successful party.  The other, of course, would be having the cops arrive at 3 a.m. to shut your party down like they did for Anthony’s birthday. But I digress. What the hell was I talking about?

Oh, right! Simplified DIY fascinator tutorials. I have a super easy one for those of you who don’t want to cut a teardrop shape out of stiff fabric, attach a clip, and glue a bunch of feathers to it. I was going to go to the trouble of doing all that, when I noticed that my local craft store did that part for me. If you do, however, the link above will show you how it’s done.

Note the dark purple feathers. I bought that piece whole and it came with the option of a pin or a hair clip. The best part is that the hair clip is the toothed, super-grippy kind that my extra-fine hair and I need. Especially if this clip has any weight to it. That was really my main concern when I set out to make the fascinator: I knew the clip would make or break the project. The kind of clip they use in the Threadbanger tutorial, for instance, would not work on my hair.

I  then bought a bunch of these faux irises and another bunch of these small yellow flowers. They look like tiny yellow calla lilies. I already knew what dress I was going to wear so I had a color-scheme all planned out beforehand. I think that helps because once you see the amount of flowers and feathers you can by it all gets a bit overwhelming. At least for me. I knew I wanted a complimentary purple and yellow thing going on, so it was easy to narrow down my choices. I did have to buy way more irises than I needed to since they came in a bunch, but I have plans for them in the near future so nothing goes to waste.

I already had these crystal sparkles in my craft cupboard, and with that I had everything I needed, so I fired up the glue gun.

I glued the yellow flowers down first, making sure to glue them both at the end and then again further up toward their “stalk.” This did not look pretty but it was necessary to support them since they’d be flopping around. It didn’t matter in the end because the iris covered up the glue pile, anyway.

I then worked in stages, using lots and lots of glue, to attach the iris. I made a large blob of glue to serve as the base to initially hold it together, and then after that dried, I reinforced it by adding more glue all around the base and letting it dry. I did this four or five times, waiting an hour or so in between to let the glue dry completely, and it is still firmly in place.

Lastly, I added the accents. I carefully glued the sparkles in the middle of the iris in stages, gluing only a few at a time and letting them dry completely, as I did for attaching the iris to the clip. Then I added the three sparkles on the petals and the last sparkle on the yellow flower up top.

I’m happy to report it was extremely lightweight and comfortable, unlike a lot of hair clips I’ve worn before. The clip didn’t leave that painful scalp indentation the way some hair accessories do. I loved it and received a lot of compliments on it. It was really easy to do and cheap, too.

For a second, more detailed version of how to make the base, see this post.

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