Follow Friday – Spring in the Valley

First off, the good stuff! And the winner of the Miss Eva Diva handmade pillow cover is… Sam Lingenfelter! Hooray! Congratulations, Sam! Please send me your contact info so I can forward it Mary’s way. Thank you all for playing, and remember, right now you can save 15% off your order with the code LITTLEBIG until March 16th.

I don’t live in the most scenic part of California. One of my friends took a road trip where he drove across the US with his brother. When he returned he said, “Well, now that I’ve driven across America I can be sure of one thing: nowhere is uglier than here.” But this area does have its charms.  Spring in the Valley is a cacophony of blossoms, transforming some of the least attractive areas for a few brief weeks. Our area is known for growing both stone fruit and nuts, and I like to take time each year to drive out to the country and capture the beauty before it fades away.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

shariv67 “The therapist said we should compliment each other more often.”
“Ok. You’re a terrific nag!”
“And you’re the best lazy fatass ever!”

BorowitzReport Now that we all agree contraception is a bad idea, let’s take a harder look at electricity and soap.

Angel__Bee I’m disappointed that Ozzy Osborne doesn’t have a dog named mister growley

markleggett My vision board is just pictures of human lady boobs.

wordlust Louis C.K. says a 40-year-old is half-dead, but I’m looking on the bright side. I’m also half-undead.

introvertedwife I’d like to suggest to Bioware that one of the future companions for a game should be a log. It goes down stairs alone or in pairs.

Handflapper How come everything I draw on DrawSomething ends up looking like a penis? Never mind. Don’t answer that.

markleggett Last night someone spray painted the side of my car with the words “PEN IS”. Pen is what? Finish what you start, loser.

introvertedwife Jesus autosaves.

Bagyants Every real connection I’ve made has been via USB.

HecklersDelight “Make me look like a cat & give me permanent duck lips so Facebook self shots will be perennially easier” -Everyone who has plastic surgery

Lilacmess I always wonder when Lwaxana Troi and the computer talk to each other if they are both thinking “awk-ward”

Angel__Bee My husband, my in-laws and I are all watching the Elmo documentary while the toddler is asleep. Something’s…not…right…

pistolval sometimes i like to think about a vato who says he’s going out to smoke but really he listens to shania songs and cries

Angel__Bee Sometimes Matt and I pretend we are simple surfs in Allie’s maniacal kingdom “The queen demands chicken nuggets! SEND OUT THE NUGGETS!”

helgagrace “I’m sorry, officer, I was speeding because I didn’t want my son to fall asleep in the car.”

EvenMoreSarah Actual email I got from my mom: “I’m replying to this email to show your dad how to reply to an email.”

davepell PSA: I just gave my kids Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops. If you’re in the SF area, lock your doors, draw your curtains.

wordlust I’m turning 40 tomorrow. Touché, Mayan apocalypse.

hipstermermaid Just gave a TED Talk about the time I tried quinoa.

SmarmyJerkface Yes, I buy deodorant solely based on the fact that they unknowingly used Star Trek font.

RideOrDiePudge Damn it! If I find one more turd in the bounce house this birthday party is over!

mattwynn Woke up to find my cat had unlocked the “kill gigantic, terrifying raccoon” badge.

apelad My dad showed me his CPAP machine, which, if I understand it correctly, allows him to sleep underwater.

biorhythmist Gonna see how many of these little jelly things I can eat before the Denny’s waitress shows up.

val_forrestal Give me nerdity or give me death.

louisvirtel Sometimes I forget that Newt Gingrich is just Donald Trump dressed up as Eleanor Roosevelt.

slackmistress Didn’t get arrested getting off the plane, so I’m already ahead of one of the female passengers.

canadian_jane A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.

sgnp You know why the redeemable-token-for-chores system works so well when training kids to socialize? THAT’S WHAT MONEY IS.

MisterBombay You know what has two thumbs and is having an existential crisis? I …. I don’t really know anymore.

reneekristine Hey Nick Jr, we’re hating this new schedule. No one truly enjoys Max and Ruby. #momlife

joevelouria I often blame my errant Cheerios placement on my two year old.

LouisPeitzman If you still haven’t figured out what to get Dr. Seuss for his birthday, might I suggest burning down all movie theaters playing The Lorax?

ecareyo Neighbors didn’t seem to be cool with me kneeling down and weeping for the first bloomed flower on my front lawn. WHATEVER

FlyteAphrodite Just realized I had the Find function up on my browser & my last search term was “brains”. I’ve unknowingly become a tech-savvy zombie.

carlabare “When you say ‘jump,’ I say, ‘I have that thing with my ankle, remember'”

mrshiggison I’m sad you weren’t all here to witness my elbow slipping off my desk and my chin hitting the keyboard.

introvertedwife Has anyone started a podcast where they ready famous speeches in the same voice one does talking to their pet?

badbanana Weird to think we’re just fifteen years away from Snooki being a grandmother.

bazecraze If Rush Limbaugh doesn’t change his attitude about women, someone’s gonna end up giving him a Grammy.

jessnevins I think Marvel and DC need to start using urbandictionary . com as their source for hero names. I want to see a hero named Hot Mess.

apodixis ME: What do you call a group of women? It’s a taco party, right?
GF: What? No! I call it an awesome party.
ME: Tacos are pretty awesome.

RideOrDiePudge Yes, you pushed it. But to say you pushed it real good is just a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

SurvivingGrady Apparently I’ve done something to piss off Citicard because they keep threatening me with “exclusive access to Nickelback ticket offers.”


markleggett If I want something, I go after it like a lion! (wait until it gets close, run for a bit, watch it get away, go back to sleep under a tree).

val_forrestal I am going to read as many romance novels in a row as it takes for bodice-ripping scenarios to become a regular occurrence in my dreams.

theleanover I guess I should get to work on my Steve Miller space cowboy/gangster of love/Maurice Venn diagram . . .

CWKhalil Synonym: a word you use if you cant spell the other one.

pcsweeney I hope you realize how amazing of a world we live in. I can eat cherries from south america in January in redwood city California on a boat.

theleanover According to the Bro spiritual leader, Craig Kilborn, my bro name is “Buzzed Light Beer.” #mindblown

Cheeseboy22 I think my wife has hacked into my Web MD account because no matter what my symptoms, it tells me: “Lose weight & start wearing deodorant”.

HecklersDelight I’m suing the Hallmark Channel for misrepresenting the ratio of attractive people to ugly people in small town America.

KenJennings Dolphins make terrible news anchors because it still looks like they’re smiling when they do the “In sadder news…” parts.

johnmoe I like all kinds of comedy but one of my favorites is “New Parents Thinking They Can Control Things.” Ooh, it’s delicious!

InfiniteChicken I bought an expensive BB pistol, just like I wanted as a kid. Looks like I’m starting the male midlife crisis a tad early.

bigcitybelly I just told a friend about parenthood…Here’s the good thing: Nothing stays the same. Here’s the bad thing: Nothing stays the same.

rstevens If I have to choose between Hollywood and the internet, nuke Hollywood from orbit.

TwoAdults I’ve yet to experience a professional success that feels better than getting two toddlers fed, bathed, jammied and in bed asleep in 2 hours.

TheRedQueen Just created a board on Pintrest called “Stuff I Want in my Mouth” That can’t possibly go wrong, right?

leahlibrarian Book display idea: Put a Bird on It. All books with birds on the cover or in the title. #portlandia

Squirkling Apparently 10 minutes of barfing at 3am wipes a girl child out. This doesn’t bode well for her early 20s.

MightyHunter Our cat is going INSANE. It’s taking all of my self-control to not THROW HER ACROSS THE ROOM.* *I would never do this.** **Considering it.

Patheticist Alright stop, collaborate and listen. – emergency corporate management meeting announcement

robdelaney People are quick to criticize meth but it can be really useful if you need to pick a bunch of pieces of skin off your face quickly.

Molly_Kats This morning, I’m composed of equal parts coffee and anxiety.

Cheeseboy22 The “It’s a Small World” ride should be called “Bloody Ears Hell Boat”.

notthatkendall Heads up, guys. Ground beef spam bots are a thing now. Also: I don’t blame whatever eventually kills us all.

DearOKCupid Dear OK Cupid:So you listen to “everything”? You’ll like my friends band. Experimental noise rock on Casio with Korean lyrics & cat samples.

NicLewis Realizing I find pico projectors fascinating because I could use one to project Deep Space Nine onto the ceiling.

SpaghettiJesus “SOMEBODY STOP ME(from sabotaging myself from being happy)!” – me, if I was self aware and in the movie The Mask.

thatgreendude Late at night, I like to add a penis to my neighbor’s snowman to remind them they are snowmen.

JoeVelouria Pretty sure whoever wrote The Matrix failed out of calculus.

MarkZolla Quietly did a number 2 while my roommate was in the shower, he didn’t notice. The perfect crime.

NoelleAloud Making dinner with one of my kitchen lights burnt out feels like cooking in the bad part of town.

MrWordsWorth if you flip back and forth quickly between Hoarders and the Betty White Birthday special, it becomes a show about collecting old people.

shariv67 Try not to think about how the government tracks your bowels movements via your Twitter usage. (They totally do.)

J__Swift I’m smart enough to use tongs to take a thermometer out of the oven, but not smart enough not to touch it right after.

RideOrDiePudge I’ve never been able to tell the difference between someone doing a Jimmy Stewart impression and someone having a stroke.

steenyweeny tilda swinton looks like a slightly less alien thom yorke.

val_forrestal Washing dishes turned into impromptu dance party. If this has never happened to you: ur doin it wrong. And by “it” I mean “life”.

BeTheBoy Just used the phrase “due to some unfortunate brain damage” while shoe shopping. Hope I get a discount.

Sondeera “What’s up, my Twits?” That’s how you look cool on Twitter, right? Right?

dansinker My son keeps talking about “ramen numerals” and there is no way I’m correcting him.

badbanana I look for the red heart symbol whenever I go to the grocery store. This time of year I get to eat giant boxes of chocolates.

MassageByTed Someone with an iPhone please post Siri saying “the humans are dead.”

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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  1. Jose says

    I just have to add that you are doing a fantastic job with everything here. Quite a delight. You deserve all good things to come from this wonderfully creative endeavor :)

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