Little Big Kitchen: Mini Heart Sandwiches

Because I can’t leave well enough alone I have another Valentine’s Day inspired culinary treat for you. As if you needed my help to tell you how to use a cookie cutter to transform a sandwich, you don’t, but maybe you needed the inspiration. Since my daughter is obsessed with all things heart-shaped, and since she’s still building up her appetite after the cold from hell, I thought I’d make these min-heart sandwiches to tempt her finicky p0st-sickness palette.

I use hippie healthfood store peanut butter, because that’s what my mom used and I like it. I added toasted sesame seeds because I had them on hand and I thought they’d look lovely, but if you don’t have them on hand I wouldn’t bother. I love toasted sesame seeds and have a large shaker full of them around at all times. A friend’s mother made pomegranate jelly for us this past Christmas and, oh dear, it seems to be gone already.

Don’t waste those crusts! The sandwiches only use a fraction of the bread so you’ll have lots of perfectly good bread left over. Make bread crumbs, turn them into croutons, or feed them to the birds. Just don’t waste them.


Larger cookie cutters will cut down on waste, if you have them. You can try this with other shapes but the heart creates a sandwich that holds up well. The cookie cutter trick works on cheese so Isobel and I made a stack of quesadillas with heart-shaped tortillas, too. Heart-shaped turkey and lettuce worked less well.

When these were done Isobel became very interested.

I think Valentine’s day is going to be big around here.

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    • Carrie Anne says

      Thank you so much! There are moments where I think she looks exactly like my husband but sometimes there are times when she looks like me, too. :)

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