Follow Friday – Handmade Valentines

One year I made these thrifty and fun Valentine’s cards for my friends and family. If you like them, feel free to pin them and share the thrifty love!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

lovegrrbottle I am enjoying coffee and donuts, poolside*. Is that weird? (*and by poolside i mean bathside)

val_forrestal Fell on my ass on the icy ramp behind the library. Wondering if I can sue for the injury to my pride.

pontiuslabar Soylent Deen is Paula Deen.

TNG_S8 A bounty on Wesley attracts increasingly dangerous space mercenaries. Geordi & Data get in a fight, divide the Enterprise in half with tape.

sarcasmically I’ve started just replacing the “Val” in Valentine’s Day with things I want.

GameCouch If you have a camel with a toe injury, google will not help you.

TheRedQueen Does a Tweet hold up in court? Asking for a friend.

mikeleffingwell My dog always seems genuinely surprised that I’m not on board with him trying to fuck my children.

Caissie Just made myself well up on a train simply by thinking of my childhood. Being nuts is a lot like method acting, but you can do it ANYWHERE!

iasshole Email title: “highly important and most definitely crucial email of which your perusal is paramount.” Content: “Poop poop!” #mrtoad #yayspam

tommycm turns out i’ve got a swollen inbox.

FakeAPStylebook Do not forget the extra ‘r’ in Febuarry,

LouisPeitzman Don’t worry, guys. I found an arbitrary reason to have my feelings hurt.

shelikespurple Mike just told me that the guy from Matchbox 20 was a judge on The Voice. “Uh, no, he’s not.” “Well, some other band with a number, then.”
wordlust People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw double-ended glass dildos.

MrWordsWorth Tom Petty probably gets sick of people telling him they like his song ‘Freeballin”

woodge Last night the kids were putting on mini-plays, pretending they were on the Titanic. A couch was used.

whithonea If anyone needs me I’ll be at Downton Abbey.

yoyology Guess How Much I Loathe You #UnpopularChildrensBooks

ABurgerADay Pox in Socks #UnpopularChildrensBooks

yoyology Frog And Toad Are Delicious #UnpopularChildrensBooks

kbeninato The Taking Tree #UnpopularChildrensBooks

Crutnacker Madeline Albright #UnpopularChildrensBooks

sylviaahern The Very Wasted Caterpillar #UnpopularChildrensBooks

ABurgerADay The 500 Tats of Bartholomew Cubbins #UnpopularChildrensBooks

ABurgerADay Dingleberries for Sal #UnpopularChildrensBooks

WiselinePRT Nobody Else Poops #UnpopularChildrensBooks

Crutnacker Crap’s For Sale #UnpopularChildrensBooks

burningbushblog The Velveeta Rabbit #UnpopularChildrensBooks

MyVogonPoetry The Little Engine That Died. #UnpopularChildrensBooks

yoyology Hop On Poop #UnpopularChildrensBooks #OrShouldISayUnpoopular

poeiap “I really need to remember to Pin some of that Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection jewelry!” thought nobody.

apodixis I’m pretty sure the word “catastrophic” is from a Greek word meaning “of or pertaining to cats.”

duckyouforever In honor of Charles Dickens’ birthday, I am poor.

val_forrestal I’m no scientist, but anecdotal evidence suggests that glitter is made up of some sort of anti-vacuum particles.

thejohnblog Handel resigns from Komen, AND Prop 8 is ruled unconstitutional?! It’s Liberal Christmas! I’m leaving cookies for Rachel Maddow tonight!

reverendmalibu Don’t let The Doors hit your ass on the way out #hippiethreats

IrasRockinArmy I’m about to open a hand-made satchel of organic, fair-trade whoop ass. #hippiethreats

lawsauce Don’t make me lose my tempeh #hippiethreats

benhutcherson I’m gonna make you wish you’d never been born… at home in a bathtub filled with chamomile and rose petals. #hippiethreats

pattonoswalt I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t recycle. #hippiethreats

smileydooby How messy does my apartment have to get before I can label it as ‘post modern’ and get federal funding?

owlparliament Today I bought a coat with a weird collar, so now I can look forward to worrying that it makes my head look like an uncircumcised penis.

allisonthemeep I take it back. There is something worse than slam poetry: shaving your knuckle with a vegetable peeler. And right after that, slam poetry.

JRehling If your phone conversation is loud enough for me to hear, then surely you don’t mind me taking notes and web posting them with pics of you.

theleanover Look, I’ll bring the noise, you bring the funk.

iboudreau Shit. I have the Lite-Brite song stuck in my head. I’m going to the hospital.

luckyshirt It’s sad to see a dog wearing one of those cones. Unless the dog’s name is Martini. Then it’s hilarious. Unless you’re Martini.

BeTheBoy Every time I pick up my dog she passes gas. I’m no dog butthole scientist but I don’t think this is normal.

SpaghettiJesus If the puppy bowl is the pinnacle of human achievement it was all worth it.

RuPaulsDragRace If #DragRace had a make up line, our tag line would be: Maybe She’s Born With It… But Probably Not.

shariv67 I don’t care about your age gender or sexual preference. If you card me when buying booze I am making out with you. Don’t fight it.

badbanana Madonna needs to stop storing her arms in a food dehydrator.

Shedletsky I found nemo! He was delicious!

Bookish_Bitch Can we declare the internet as our religion so the government stops messing with it?

JRehling You know who’s really hot? Pretty much everyone! –Beer

hipstermermaid Commenting on your food pictures with “adorable” and your baby pictures with “yum” until you unfriend me.

negativsteve Can one of you video game experts help me out? I can’t get past level 5 in TurboTax

bebehblog I want another ice cream sandwich but then I’d have to get up. I don’t even think that counts as a first world problem.

theleanover Having coins is pretty sexy because you’re always getting head or tail.

MrWordsWorth Fact: Jeff Buckley’s Grace album was recorded in the key of sex.

anneheathen Some people skulking around at the former Evil Neighbors’ house. Shined my poo-finding flashlight at ’em. #gladyskravitzreport

MlTTR0MNEY I fired a man in Reno just to watch him cry. #fitw

khamsin @britain be the troll you want to see in the world. – MLK Jr

zefrank Please. Please. Please let Roseanne Barr be in a debate. Just one.

Molly_Kats I accept your time challenge, GPS.

MassageByTed I call dibs on the series of young-adult novels about Eskimo vampires

spotzwoj If your bio says “Internet marketing guru,” I assume you’ve been the victim of more than one pyramid scam.

JoeVelouria Dora the Explorer’s parents clearly don’t give half a shit about her. Too bad child services is a drunk, French-speaking anteater.

MassageByTed The premise of the show “Eight Is Enough,” you’ll recall, was that Dick Van Patten had copulated with a woman no fewer than eight times.

trevso_electric “That’s mine. I stamped it with my asshole.” -cats

apelad In high school I was voted Most Likely.

Ahm76 Oh, the browser-minimizing mouse-click. Its tell-tale timing and ferocious velocity cracks through the silent air like a confession.

fleshcake Just gonna keep microwaving stuff until I get a shitty superpower.

MCDS_Patrick You’d better believe I’d name twin boys Adam and Steve.

Zaius13 Sweeping the kitchen + two insane kittens = please shoot me in the face.

sgnp Judge Judy says we repeat a question when we’re thinking of a lie, and now that my daughter talks I know it’s true. I do it ALL the time.

PolyesterPony Airport security would be more tolerable if the TSA would let you play with the confiscated goods while you waited.

slackmistress The best part of our new neighborhood is that we’re the only people who pee in our yard.

NickLMao1 My 7yo: “Dad, stop tweeting everything I say!” Bless! Also: “Stop saying I’m 7; I’m 24 you loser!” Awwwww!

JimNorton Anyone offended by my Paterno jokes, please – just ignore me. You know, look the other way. Put on blinders. Pretend it’s not happening.

fuzzytypewriter A weekend of Super Mario 3D Land has made me suspicious of the actual sidewalk. I’d feel much better about this if I had a Tanooki suit.

PeterWoodward My name is Jose Jones, and this is my associate, Paco “Pico” Piedra. Let’s keep this between us, ok?

shariv67 You’re either a morning person, a night owl, or an afternoon bird-man hybrid monstrosity.

SCbchbum “The dryer adds 10 lbs.” ~Jeans


pontiuslabar By the way, good news: “Internet Famous” will be in the 2013 DSM-V.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

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