LB Also Stands for Legitimate Business

Let me sincerely welcome you to the new and improved Little Big! I have been pacing the control room and checking all the switches and dials and anxiously awaiting the countdown to launch since early October. Kelly, of Twenty70 hosting, patiently dealt with my nervousness and lack of technological sophistimications and helped me make the switch.

I am beyond excited about this. Not only is this website mine all mine, but I am officially legitimate business as I can now sell ads and rent space here like a true cyberwhore. (I actually don’t really know what a true cyberwhore does, but I’ll probably find out now. Thanks, Spambots!) Some of you might be wondering if only certain types shops can apply, or if I have “standards.” Hell no! As long as you have blog or are a small business owner or don’t contain HFCS I will sell you ad space on Little Big. Oh yes I will. Email me if you have any questions. Advertising on blogs really helped me get established.

What can you look forward to on the new Little Big?

  • The rest of 50 Thrifty Fun Things To Do series!
  • More Meal Planning Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions!
  • Giveaways & coupon deals from awesome Etsy sellers!
  • Probably more photos of my cat’s butt!
  • More Thrift Store Scores, Gores, & Mores!
  • Videos of Isobel browsing the library and shushing me!
  • The Thrifted Closet!
  • Follow Fridays fresh from the internet!
  • Goats!
  • Delicious recipes!
  • Thrifty tips!
  • Blasphemy!

I’m still putting the finishing touches on the organizational aspects of the site and doubtless have lots to learn. To celebrate this life list accomplishment I have painstakingly taught myself PowerPoint in a matter of hours and then used this skill to create a slide show video of things that are awesome. Of course it all went to shit about halfway through and I had to have Anthony help me figure out how to fix it. I really thought it wasn’t going to get done in time and you’d all be robbed of this experience, but the Sweet Baby Picard Jesus (and my husband Anthony) Made It So and I can present to you now: Things That Are Awesome.

Thank you so much for reading. Here’s to more awesome.


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  1. says

    Welcome to the big scary world of you’re-in’charge-of-your-own-webspace-so-don’t-fuck-it-up-and-for-god-sake-don’t-touch-anything-that’s-already-working. Since your webspace is located right next to mine in space, I’m sending out a Voyager craft that should reach you in about 20 light years. Don’t forget to reply!

    And, by the way, I loved your vid. My son watched it up until the cube biscuits, said “Crackers!” and then walked off. I’m sure that is positive.
    Marie recently posted..Happy Christmas to all who celebrateMy Profile

  2. han_nahj says


    The site is beautirific. That’s right…so awesome it deserves a non-word compound word.


  3. says

    Pretty kitties and tree crotch…definitely a good slideshow of all things awesome! Congratulations on thenew site, it’s looking beautiful!

  4. says

    Yeah, totally forgot what was new, ’cause I immediately stuck your new link into my Reader when I saw it the other day – so i was all “Wut?” …and stuff.

    Yeah everyone said everything awesome already so anything I say is like “Hey ditto!”

    Oh well, right? Right! ;)
    Kristi recently posted..2012 Potential Recipe RoundupMy Profile


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