Life List: Whale Watching

To celebrate my birthday I wanted to cross something off my Life List. This year: whale watching.

I am experiencing something of a health crisis so I’m short on words but I wanted to share the photos. I’ll write about my trip another time. I promise. Despite my current issues, it was awesome.


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  1. says

    First, this is awesome and made me happy.

    Second, I’m experiencing a health crisis right now too. While I like having things in common with you, we need to pick better things to have in common. I’d like to suggest cookie baking, reading an excellent book, or winning the lottery for our next common experience.

  2. says

    H’okay, so. I was just kidding when I was on twitter all worried that you’d been lost at sea. Then I come here and you’re Vaguey McVaguepants “somewhat of a health crisis” tehehe.

    Cue teh worry.

    Happy belated birthday and all that yadda yadda, hope you’re alive. Seriously.


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