Easter Portraits

My MIL is awesome for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that she likes to dress my kid up and take her to the mall for pictures. (At the risk of repeating myself, here’s my take on studio portrait photography.) The photo above is taken with her cousin Jewel, whose parents are totally missing the boat if they don’t dress her up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween at least once.

The difference between this year’s Easter photos and last year’s session is amazing.  This year I thought I’d take the liberty to caption each photo with thoughts my daughter is surely thinking throughout this process.

“Grandma promised me ice cream.”

“You are smoking crack if you think I’m going to give up this basket.”

“Heheheheh, suckers.”

“I shall destroy you.”

“I have been practing my front jabs.”

 “It’s okay to be jealous of my eyelashes. Most grown ups are.”

“I was told there would be bunniez.”

“There had better be bunniez. For your sake.”

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  1. says

    The “I have been practicing my front jabs” picture is the same facial expression I use when I have to deal with annoyingly stupid people that I still have to be nice to. I feel that her mastery of the “fake smile” at such a young age will ensure she will be very successful in life…as stupid people seem to be everywhere.

  2. bri says

    Yes, I think the “I shall destroy you” pose has just the right mixture of sweetness, sass, and death threats.

  3. danack says

    My husband’s very first job when he was 16 was as a JCPenney portrait photographer. If all the kids were as damn cuuuuuute as these two, he might never have left. As it was, he quit when a toddler in double leg casts panicked after his mother told him that Paul was going to “take his picture,” which was unfortunately what she also told him when he was about to get X-rays of said legs. After the kid kicked Paul in a rather delicate place, he handed him back to his mom and promptly wrote a letter of resignation. :)

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