Little Big Links: Random Goodness

Matroyshkas Measuring Cups

Matroyshkas have enjoyed a surge of kitsch popularity. Never mind that, though, fads are stupid. These nesting Matroyshka measuring cups are adorable. I can’t help but think that Isobel would love them, too.

DIY Lace Tank Top Embellishment

I have lots of plain tanks that could use some love. I am so going to try this. (Minus the tulle.)

Modern Casserole Carriers

It’s Casserole Week at The Kitchn! And I’m super glad because that means Vegan Week and Gluten-free Week are over. (Whew.) This post features modern casserole carriers. I particularly love the first one.

Bad Austen

Submit you best (worst) attempt at a faux-Austen paragraph.

Unicorn Horn Corn Holders

Elly stole my heart when she featured these on her blog. It’s a horn for your corn! (via BugginWord)

My Kid is Gifted

A place to read (and share and archive, if you like) the ridiculous things kids say. For example: “After tucking my daughter into bed last night and singing to her what I thought to be a sweet lullaby she says to me, ‘Mom can you sing that again? Only this time don’t sound so creepy.’”

Library cuts

England is facing massive, country-wide library cuts. In protest, citizens in one community checked out every single item in the library. (via Andy)


Last but certainly not least, if you’re on Twitter you should follow George Takei, and not just because he might send you a naughty DM like he did me.

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  1. Jupiter says

    Oh,I have to have the unircorn corn holders. Mine just look like ears of corn, which is not very interesting and also seems a little redundant

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