Guest Blogging at Five Flavours

Today I’m guest blogging at Five Flavours, a food blog run by my Kiwi friend Shanti. I first met Shanti ages and ages ago on flickr—way before I even dreamed of starting a blog, we were friends, and she asked me if I would guest post on her blog. I had a lot more time for adventures in cooking back then, seeing as how it was pre-baby, pre-etsy shop, and pre-photography business.

I could never decide on what to make, however, and one thing lead to another and now, probably a year later, I am finally making good on my promise. Shanti requested I make something that speaks of my home. I happen to live in the Central Valley of California, and after changing my mind dozens of times I settled on making an adapted version of Mollie Katzen’s Rebaked Potatoes. These are fantastic. Head on over to Five Flavors to read the post. It’s got lots of cheese in it, so you know it’s going to be good.

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  1. […] I decided to make this recipe on a whim, and right before I went to the store, so beyond the mushrooms I had very little of what I needed to faithfully recreate this recipe. If you’ve stuffed any vegetable before, you know that stuffing ingredients are extremely flexible. (See also: rebaked potatoes.) […]

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