Life List: Isobel’s First Pumpkin

I’m so excited fall is just around the corner. People in the Valley tend to get very excited and impatient for fall because even though it’s mid-September our temperatures still soar into the 90s and sometimes reach 100 degrees F. That’s not uncommon. That’s how we roll. By October it’s been like our fifth month of summer and winter doesn’t begin in earnest until about Christmas.

Autumn excites me for lots reasons; not only does it signal the hope of cooler temperatures but my birthday is in October.  Each year I relish my chance to become more and more the self-satisfied crotchety old woman that I already am on the inside.

Last year I spent my 30th birthday crossing something off my life list and I realized that’s what I need to spend every birthday. What better gift could you give yourself? What better way to celebrate your life? I had a party to celebrate the milestone and it was a lot of fun, but my life list item was actually taking Isobel to pick out her first pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

I had the day off work due to furloughs and we drove out of town and into a giant local fruit stand in the country. She was so little then she tended to fall asleep during car rides and that short drive was enough to put her out. We woke her up and she was amazed at what she saw. Isobel fell asleep on the way there Strange fruit! Tons of children! A lake full of fish! She looked around eagerly the whole time we were there. I don’t think she made a peep the entire time. She was too busy taking everything in.

Anthony and I were in agreement that even though she was small we needed to pick out an enormous pumpkin for her. It was bigger than she was and certainly much heavier.

Anthony handled the carving while I washed and roasted the seeds. Isobel sat in her highchair watching us work.

We decided to make her pumpkin look just like her by giving it large, smiling eyes and teeth of the same number and position as Isobel. It’s so hard to remember what my baby looked like with only two teeth! She has a whole mouthful now.

My birthday is on Saturday. If I’m lucky this year I’ll be able to cross something else off the life list.

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